there is more to love than this
love is more than just a kiss


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love is when you need him more than everything else
love is when you think of him and you only wish is to kiss him
love is when he makes you crying but you still want him
love is when you see him and your knees get weak
love is when you touch him and you feel like you can fly
love is when he ignores you and you still can't stop thinking about him
love is when he loves another girl but you smile and say you're happy for him
love is when you want to let him go but he is the only thing on your mind

how can i say i love you when i love you more than words can say ? can´t you see the truth in my eyes ? hit me kick me but do not hurt me like this...

Did you ever love me ?
I wish you would love me
Because love isn´t just a memorie,
It´s more, deep inside
I fell like a part of me is dying
So there is nothing more to say
You broke my heart
But i´ll never forget
The love for you, i had
It seemed loke ist was perfect
It seemd like the thruth
All i ever wanted, is only you!
I remember the feelings i had
Everytime we met
I felt so complete.
So i would die for you
If you only be mine
I can´t get you out of my mind
I love you endlessly
But you don´t me
So Baby, i love you to want me!
© written by elfchen

feels like flying!
never felt like this before...
the feeling was so intensive,
so extrem heartbreaking
is it wrong or not ?
can´t find it out by myself
the way towards was wrong
but the way back hurts more
can´t get over it
can´t stop thinking
so deeply impressed
can´t get out
can´t run away
can´t find the truth
needing an answer

it´s amazing how you can speak right to my heart
but don´t go breaking it
because you can´t understand the way i feel
deep inside and i love too much...
but i think i can make it now,
the pain is gone

I sag nothing
I know what I want
But nobody else knows
If someone would know it
I would not be here any longer
So I say nothing
Nobody notice my tears
Silence all around
I still keep on loving
Loving the one and only
Although I say nothing
It hurts myself
Like to cry
Like to die
But I still say nathing at all
Deep inside destroyed by my love
My love for him
It never will end
Because I will say nothing
But I will not give up
Till the end

if you think i´ve plaed around
you should know me
i´ve been true all the time
if you look straight in my eyes
you will know i´m net pretending
if you just g ive me some time
to convince you
i can meke it
just give me a sign
i won´t change you
í won´t have to
just one kiss from you
will make my day
when i´m not with you
i´m wasting my time
i´ve been a fool for lesser things

finde jemanden, der dich wunderschön nennt
finde jemanden, der dich zurückruft wenn du auflegst
finde jemanden, der sagt, dass er dich braucht
finde jemanden, der wach bleibt um dich beim schlafen zu beobachten
finde jemanden, der sagt, er wüsste nicht was er ohne dich machen würde
finde jemanden, der dir sagt, dass alles gut wird
finde jemanden, der dich der ganzen welt zeigen will
finde jemanden, der deine hand auch vor seinen freunden hält
finde jemanden, der dir sagt, wie glücklich er ist, dass er dich hat
finde jemanden, dei dem du dir sicher bist, dass du ihm alles glauben kannst was er sagt

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